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About Dr. Elvis Nshom

I am an award-winning scholar and educator with research and training expertise in intergroup relations, cultural adjustment, conflict management, and mediation, with several years of work experience in Africa, Europe, Russia, and North America in both the academic and corporate sector. I currently work as a Professor of Communication with a focus on Peace and Conflict Studies in the Department of Communication, California State University San Marcos, USA. I dream of a society where people with different social identities or group belongings can coexist peacefully irrespective of their differences. I spent my formative years in Cameroon, growing up in a time and place where there were deep religious, political, social, and linguistic divides…

My Areas of Expertise

As an educator and scholar, my teaching, training and research expertise focuses on intergroup relations, cultural adjustment, conflict management, and mediation. As a consultant, I utilize a theory-driven and practical approach to support individuals and organizations. Read more about my expertise below, and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you think I can support you as an individual or your organization.

Intergroup Relations

I am interested in understanding relations between social groups. I am interested in “the way in which people who belong to social groups or categories perceive, think about, feel about, and act towards and interact with people in other groups” (Hogg, 2013)…

Cultural Adjustment

Cultural adjustment refers to how individuals adjust to and experience a new cultural environment. My research and teaching interest in the field of cultural adjustment is motivated by my experience living on 3 continents as an international student, international professional, and immigrant…


I am a trained and certified mediator and offer mediation services to individuals and organizations. You may contact me as an individual or as an organization for your mediation needs. I have taught and trained hundreds of students over the years as mediators through my university-level mediation course…

Conflict Management

My research and training expertise also focuses on conflict management. My research particularly seeks to explore the types of perceptions people have about conflict, how these perceptions are formed, and the extent to which these perceptions impact them during conflict situations at work and in different relational contexts…

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