Dr. Nshom receives 2 research awards from the two most prestigious communication associations in the world: NCA and ICA.

In the academic sector, awards are usually given to recognized excellence in research. In November 2021, Dr. Nshom received a top paper award from the Peace and Conflict Division of the National Communication Association (NCA) held in Seattle, Washington for his paper titled Cameroonian-Nigerian Intergroup Conflict” This paper investigates Cameroonian attitudes towards Nigerians living in Cameroon through the lens of the integrated threat theory. In this paper, the perception of threat was found to be an important factor to the attitudes Cameroonians have towards Nigerians.

In May 2022 at the International Communication Association (ICA) conference in Paris, France, Dr. Nshom also received the top poster award from the Intercultural and International Communication Division for his paper titled “Support for right-wing ideology in Finland”. This paper examines the extent to which immigrant threat predicts the growing support for right-wing ideology in Finland.

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