Cultural Adjustment

Cultural adjustment refers to how individuals adjust to and experience a new cultural environment. My research interest in the field of cultural adjustment is motivated by my experience living on 3 continents as an international student, international professional, and immigrant. My research in this field has explored the challenges to immigrant integration, how immigrants acculturate into their host society and how locals want them to acculturate as well. Some of my works have been published in one of the most high-ranking journals in the field of cross-cultural psychology, the International Journal of Intercultural Relations (IJIR) (See the list of publications). The overall goal of my work is to facilitate and promote the successful adjustment, adaptation, and integration of immigrants into their new cultural environment. I have significant experience conducting cultural adjustment training, consulting, and coaching for individuals, organizations dealing with short-term and long-term employee relocation to Africa and Europe, and international education stakeholders sending students overseas.

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