Intergroup Relations

I am interested in understanding relations between social groups. I am interested in “the way in which people who belong to social groups or categories perceive, think about, feel about, and act towards and interact with people in other groups” (Hogg, 2013). As such, most of my research focuses specifically on the perception and prejudice of dominant groups towards minority groups, especially within the context of immigrant/host relations. My work examines the predictors of these perceptions and prejudices and the experiences of minority/immigrant group members with the overall goal of improving relations between groups. I have significant research experience on this subject in Europe, Africa, Russia, and North America. I use research findings on intergroup dynamics to develop targeted interventions that seek to promote positive relations between groups. I dream of a society where people with different social identities or group belongings can coexist peacefully irrespective of their differences. I welcome consultation requests that seek to understand intergroup dynamics in different contexts, intergroup attitudes, the experiences of minority/immigrant groups in society, and improve intergroup relations.

Why Work With Dr. Nshom

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