Dr. Nshom joins World Communication Association (WCA) and presents 2 papers at the 2021 WCA summer conference.

I’m happy to announce that as of November 13th, 2020, I have become a member of the World Communication Association (WCA). I share in WCA’s belief that “to maintain peace throughout the world there must be a mutual understanding among people of the world that grows from individual and group interaction”. WCA is committed to the improvement of communication worldwide. According to WCA’s constitution, its purpose is (a) to ensure and support research, teaching, and practice of communication in all forms and circumstances; (b) to maintain a special appreciation that in an increasingly interdependent world we are all increasingly dependent for peace and understanding upon reasoned communication in international and intercultural
environments; (c) to further public understanding and support of academic inquiry and training in communication for these ends in all schools, colleges, and appropriate private institutions. As a member, I look forward to serving the organization, actively participating in annual conferences, and engaging in communication research globally.

In the Summer of 2021, I attended my first WCA conference and presented two papers. My papers were titled “The perception of immigrants and support for right-wing ideology in Finland: The mediating effect of anti-immigrant sentiments and the moderating effect of intergroup contact.” and “Perceived discrimination and attitudes towards the form of state among Anglophone Cameroonians” In addition, I was one of the panelists for a panel titled “Communicating about Work and Work-Life Balance During COVID-19”.

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